Aluminum Floating Docks

All of our aluminum docks are built from scratch with raw materials in our 10,000 sq ft facility. We pride ourselves in quality of craftsmanship and materials. Each and every dock is built to each individual\'s specifics and personaities, for their specific needs. We use nothing but the best for materials. All aluminum framework, stainless steel hardware, black poly foam filled floats, and your choice of colors and styles of decking. We also carry a complete line of Hydraulic lifts to raise your personal boats out of the water. Ranging from pontoon boats, ski boats, or even jet skis. We also fabricate beautiful platforms that can be installed onto the lifts to raise and lower you into the water for for your kayaks or paddleboard needs. We build more than boat docks. We build your escape--theplace where you reconnect with family, laugh with friends, or relax in soothing silence. Our docks are for your life on the water, the way you live it. Our aluminum docks are designed to perfection and crafted without compromise. A vast array of options and accessories bring your vision to life. Together, we creat ea dock that\'s perpetually beautiful and uniquely yours.